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The driver brings back the Spaceport technology, a large weight in the head that is 16grams in weight and, when removed, allows the player to see in to the driver. The M2 doesn’t have the adjustability in the way of the T-Track, but it does allow for the loft to be adjusted, and comes in two styles, the M2, and the M2 D-type. The improvements are basically the same as the M1 from last year to this year. TaylorMade wants you to know that essentially if you miss right a lot, but the M2 D-type and that issue to some degree will be corrected.

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The range is mostly driven by the length of the club, since the longer the club, the faster the clubhead speed will be. Ball speed is simply the speed of your ball immediately after making contact with the face of your driver. While your clubhead speed at impact may be around 100mph, the ball speed is much higher if you make proper contact with the sweet spot. Clubhead speeds for drivers on PGA tour average around 112 MPH while ball speeds average over 160MPH. The ball speed after impact pushes the ball out to the fairway while the other factors determine the curvature of the ball flight.

In order to get your clubhead speed as high as possible, the manufacturers increased the shaft length to over 45″. If you’re very inaccurate off the tee, you can try choking down on the grip by an inch or so to try and recover some accuracy. You’ll lose distance unless you increase the swing speed to compensate, but it’s likely to be worth the trade-off if it means staying out of the long stuff.

Conventional golf wisdom encourages players to pick a shaft flex based on your clubhead speed. If you swing very fast (100MPH+) you should have a firm flex and slower speeds should have a more flexible club.

  • For the senior golfer just looking for an all-around driver that does everything well, then the TaylorMade RBZ is the driver of choice.
  • An exceptional driver that will transform your game off the tee, the M4 deserves a hearty slap on the back for being one of the best drivers around.
  • Adjusting the hosel was never a hassle with the M4, and we enjoyed playing around with the height of YouTube Downloader download 64 bit Windows 7 free download our shots throughout the testing session.
  • Since most manufacturers understand this, they have made clubs with more extensive sweet spots that reduce the side spin that creates slices and hooks.

Titleist combines that with their Surefit hosel which has been used since the 910 back in 2010. It allows for 16 different combinations of setting to provide personalized settings. Changes have also been made including a large groove behind the face that improves the acoustics in the driver, as well as provides a great transfer of energy at the Moment of Impact.

Yes, the driver is important, but you have to ask yourself, does it provide such an improvement to warrant a larger price tag. Both of their drivers start at $499, which is a steep amount for a majority of golfers for one club.

For a high price, you would expect it to be miles ahead, but it’s competitive statistically with the other manufacturers, so you really have to be sure you try all the options before you settle on a big stick. In the head of the club is a weight in the shape of small rod when inserted provides either a fade or draw bias allowing for greater shot-shaping.

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Distribution of amateur driver speeds from TrackmanIf you don’t have access to a launch monitor, you can use the chart below to estimate your swing speed. If you hit the ball high or low, you can jump up one level of swing speed (e.g. if you carry 188 yards with a low ball flight, you can assume 100mph instead of 90mph).

The relationship between clubhead speed and ball speed is called the Smash Factor – one of my favorite golf physics terms. You simply take the ball speed divided by the clubhead speed which typically approaches 1.5x with a driver and in the 1.2 range for your PW.