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Developing software and hardware for microcontroller based systems involves the use of a range of tools that can include editors, assemblers, compilers, debuggers, simulators, emulators and Flash/OTP programmers. For network simulation, more specifically, it means that the computer assisted simulation technologies are being applied in the simulation of networking algorithms or systems by using windwaker games for pc software engineering. The application field is narrower than general simulation and it is natural that more specific requirements will be placed on network simulations. For example, the network simulations may put more emphasis on the performance or validity of a distributed protocol or algorithm rather than the visual or real-time visibility features of the simulations.

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That is why the network simulations always require open platforms which should be scalable enough to include different efforts and different packages in the simulations of the whole network. Thus the network simulation tools have to be able to incorporate this feature and allow different future new packages to be included and run transparently without harming existing components or packages.

Nevertheless, these devices are expensive, they depreciate over time and you will need various devices with different features such as screen sizes, hardware, and software. Also, I feel like the term simulator and emulator are being used incorrectly here. You can run virtual images of numerous devices in it… but you are emulating real network devices. But since emulators do not replicate the software or the hardware of the actual physical mobile devices, they have serious limitations, as Google acknowledges.

With a network modeler, you mathematically define traffic volumes, flows, network architectures, etc. You can then visualize the application performance, and do "what-if" analysis. Modelers do not deal with real traffic; no real packets flow through a modeler; in fact, there is no network hardware at all. Modelers rarely allow the attachment of actual physical network devices. Real device testing does what the name implies – tests the apps as they run on your smartphones.

Thus the negative impact of some packages will have no or little impact to the other modules or packages. Using real devices gives us access to a lot of testing types, such as functional, performance, unity, interface, etc.

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  • The first is a bottom-up approach where the design is made by aggregation of standard components.
  • The second is a top-down approach where the design is made by successive refining of a model.
  • We have identified two concurrent but complementary approaches for design.
  • It can be used for offline analysis to validate the specification of the expert in charge of the design.

Simply put, these limitations result in serious testing errors. Technically, an emulator is a more faithful representation of the device, but in practice, both options work sufficiently well to be able to develop and test applications. A network modeler is a representation of a network based on a set of mathematical equations.